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but what type of events is he going to? i mean is he going to events thrown for and by whites? or is it a diverse crowd? I'm thinking these events are events that most of "us" wouldn't be invited to or feel comfortable at. How can "we" ever get a chance to snag a pro when they are going to events that don't have many of "us" in attendance to begin with. . . White gays can be very condescending and tend to treat blacks like "objects," and i don't want to partake in that. And if they are interested in blacks, it's usually because they are old/out of circulation and their kind doesn't want them, or they are on the hunt for a hung "black" man.
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. .. and then i'm thinking let the "becky's" have him, becuase dude has some serious internal baggage, and he's not super sexy/phyne so they can have him. .. .
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that's what i'm saying @paul andre, he's no better than a hetero baller becuase for some reason they seem to love to date becky's kim k's. but diss their own. ..
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Mar 30, 2013