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On the other hand, if you want to easily plug in and unplug external monitors (e.g. TV or projector) and have them work properly, get a Mac. If you want to easily connect to other computers in your home network, including screen sharing and file access, get a Mac. If you want to easily connect to a networked printer in a Mac household, get a Mac. I could go on. I switched to a Mac a year and a half ago. Keyboard shortcuts are embedded in muscle memory and eventually are replaced with the Mac versions if you are so determined. You can right click (two fingers on the trackpad or Ctrl-click) and Backspace (Fn-Delete). But the underlying frustrations with Windows (like the near impossibility of getting my Dell to display on my TV, or connect to a networked printer) means that I will gladly leave Windows behind.
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Second vote for Instapaper. I send 2 - 3 articles a day to my Kindle via Instapaper. Have not yet been billed for any charges. Heather
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