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mentions the "air ways" but not that YHWH/Enlil is lord of the air ways speaks of Nisan 1 being the spring equinox – which it no longer is does not gnow that our orbit/year is not what it was and that it is currently elliptical King of kings is those in the Black knight 1 10 – the Seraphim from Cepheus the Matthew ref "if these days were not cut short..." refers to april and june 2011 when 20 minutes was lost this was because earth had been moved – out of the way of Toutatis, slated for st lucy's day 2012 – and NASA had not said a word about Toutatis and companion "miracles reflected" said Nostradamus also – those Georgia guidestones form a contract and by no one destroying them, the contract is considered active Emily has not got a handle on what YHWH really is the doc says the shift is a "bucking" of the earth, not a gradual roll over but he does show two different steps, a six degree and an eight degree step the star wars scene is a three way scenario. Elohim – Anakim and Mabus under Area 51 the Hopi rock does show earth being moved towards a pheon cross – which may well be Orion that comment about Jupiter (from Arthur Clark the time traveller) is parallel with the hidden texts of Nostradamus Yeshua is NOT returning – he already did that when he resurrected (10 75) Nanar is NAMED by Nostradamus "restricts" the light in 8 85
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May 19, 2011