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Hidden Eloise
When I draw, the sun comes always from the west, the shadows always fall to the east. All shoes are like my ever smiling red lustre mary janes that made me want to never grow up..... ..and all fingers are up to 4 in each hand, exactly as how I always used to miss 1 or 2 of them while counting... There's a seven year old inside me that never grew up and takes over ....she makes me relive my childhood by playing the game of Hide n Seek.
Interests: Forest animal shaped cookies, rainy days, pecks on the cheek, soft pencils, old vintage dresses, crafty things with paper, making my own bread, staring at the moon, England's low clouds, watching seasons change, green tea, fantastic worlds that are real in my mind, reading books with not enough light, my partner's company, woolly patched socks, the melodies of old music boxes, small umbrellas, trying to feed only with strawberries and peaches, the kindness of strangers, surprises, the yellow pages of old books, miss-delivered letters, empty birdcages, mechanical automata, giant watermelons, paper windmills and watching snails kiss. Among other things.
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Thank you kindly sweet ladies. :) What nice comments! I'm very happy you are enjoying my creations. Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise
Thank you for the kind words, both of you. Krek, i dropped you a line through email. :) Hang in there and good luck with resolving this as painlessly as possible!
Thank you so much my dear Laura. Glad you found me cause now i found you back! I love your sculptures! Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2011 on Only Good at The Hidden World of Eloise
Thank you all for the kind feedback! It's very precious to me to be getting an insight into your heart when you experience my art. Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2011 on War of the Roses at The Hidden World of Eloise
Thank you so much my lovely Tess! Bear hugs, Eloise xxx
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2010 on War of the Roses at The Hidden World of Eloise
Thank you for the kind words my dear Alexia! You're so sweet. :) And i really appreciate all the support about Paperchase, you cannot really have a happy ending when you deal with large corporations with a loose sense of morality. The support that came, and keeps coming, from the rest of the world though was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. :) On a sidenote, i am an architecture graduate myself you know! Not practising though, art won me over. :) And on a further sidenote, i have received the above storybirds lovingly printed and in my hands! I will take some photos and write about them when i find the time! My very best wishes sweetheart! Bear hugs, Eloise xxx
Oh thank you all! It took a lot of love to design the teabags so i'm very grateful for your positive comments! Bear hugs, Eloise xxxx
Congratulations lucky Heather! And lots of love to Louise too for being so sweet. :) Bear hugs, Eloise
Oh thank you my lovely Lou for sharing your story! Forgotten and forgiven in my case too but always slightly eeky to remember the injustice of it all. Shame on all the nosy mommys! :) Bear hugs, Eloise xxx
Thank you both for the kind words! And thank you my dear Carisa for pointing out the typo! Whimsically proportioned 11x44 inches frames coming next week! :D
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2010 on You've been Framed! at The Hidden World of Eloise
My dear Sofie, Thank you for sharing your story, i too respect the work you do and i'm happy that your animals at least live far longer and better lives than what the industry standard is. I would still do away with meat eating but i appreciate the conservation that you are doing. For what it's worth, if a farmer made sure to keep her chickens alive and happy after their laying days are over until the end of their natural lives, i would be willing to buy eggs from them. They would practically be vegan eggs, just happy chickens working a bit to make a living like we all do. I'm very serious about this, i'm not just saying. Even if eggs were ten times the cost, the zero suffering to living things is worth it. Can i ask you two things if you could share your great knowledge with us? First, how much more expensive would your eggs be if you kept all pensioner chickens :) after they finished laying eggs (killing no chickens or cocks ever, unless to humanely relieve them of great suffering in old age)? Secondly, is there a way to know if an egg is male before it hatches? This last question is because i think it would be much better to not let the extra males hatch, rather than kill them after they are born. I understand that the market may be still small for "vegan" eggs, but i am very interested to see if this is even possible. Thank you so much for sharing and very eagerly waiting for your response! Wish you a bright sunny day! Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise xxx
My dear Sarah, the tasty recipes in your blog must be eaten! By me preferably! And i do love me some bacon too, my dear Hannah. :) I believe though that humans can be whatever they want to be and overcoming our natures is part of the game of life. Differences in opinion, but it seems we are all connected by the love of vegan cookies! :D Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise xxx
Nothing to feel sorry about dear Mack. I am sharing my news and my life and thoughts, you are not obliged to read it. I'm not sure what annoyed you so much but it's all good. :) Wish you all the best! Bear hugs, Eloise
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Mar 15, 2010
Mr David White, you are more than welcome to come and play anytime! :) Mr Jens Ksorensen, it is not right for me to alter a Wikipedia article that involves me. I cannot claim objectivity even though i believe i could be impartial. A kind soul has already made an amendment though. It's up to the people to maintain Wikipedia, as always. :) Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2010 on A tiny little update at The Hidden World of Eloise
Thank you all for your support and for sharing your views on the situation! The vibrant discussions here have always both lifted my spirits and allowed me to be prepared for any eventuality. I will write a post soon with all my thoughts, but for now i am talking care of the shop and all those who have kindly emailed me. Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise
Thank you all! I'm dealing with it floatingly because it is just crazy if i think of it seriously. And for the love of god, do they even think the harm they are doing to Jen Corace as well? So shamelessly focused on taking me down that collateral damage is not important! They should be careful now, i have a moustache and high-waisted boxer short on!! :D
Thank you for your kind words sweetheart! I will try to write more and raise awareness on the matter because i know few people mind their digital colours. Since i am practically painting digitally, there are constantly complex gradients created so using set palettes won't do it for me. Also, a little trick that may work for you: instead of converting an RGB file to CMYK directly, convert the colour profile of the file (from sRGB or AdobeRGB or whatever) to the CMYK profile you use. That way you have much more control of how the colours change. This is for Photoshop only though. Thanks again and talk to you soon! Bear hugs
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on Colour, colour, colour at The Hidden World of Eloise
ObjectiveObserver, You are not doing a good job "hiding behind anomynity"[sic]. Your latest IP address resolves to the SMTP server of To my understanding this can mean either of two things: a) you are someone that has access to Paperchase's servers (for example an employee or something) OR b) you have used insidious hacking to appear as if you are someone that has access to Paperchase's servers (for example an employee or something) So which one is it you big, ugly, green troll (with warts)? You'd better get out of my forest either way!
Observer, I don't moderate comments so you can continue making a fool of yourself in public and celebrating your ignorance. No one can claim originality: But tracing is illegal: Stop making it difficult for the other artist though. I heard she got complaints because of the crazy behaviour of you and a spammer at Twitter (that sounds exactly like you). And don't think that just because you change email address and IP every time, you can stay anonymous forever.
Dear Carlotta, What is wrong with them giving me the profits is what i wrote in the post. You just ignore it. Saying that you have better and more correct legal views to give but not actually giving them is a poor trick of you trying to sound knowledgeable without really proving it. You do not even make an effort to be polite and you don't sound like a lawyer to me. I have taken my advice from lawyers and you are the first to claim that i am wrong in the legal aspects of this matter. I don't mind being wrong but i need proof and you are just giving vacant and patronising opinions. Tell me in what i am wrong cause i'm not convinced by your claims, or please stop trying to ruin my weekend further.
Hello lovely people! I've been reading all your comments since i woke up. Thank you for your kind and supportive words, they really put some energy back into a very tired me. :) And thank you to all who give opinions different to mine too. It is very important for me to see things from all perspectives. Have a lovely Valentines and Sunday and i'll be around getting some rest myself. Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise
Dear Kitty, I'm very sorry that you are taking this new stance now. I don't know what to think. You mailed me directly yesterday and said: "When creating the group of designs bellow I used the outline pose of your Hidden Eloise Girl" Now in your new mail (that you have protected legally from publication) you say that you were not trying to emulate my girl in any way. This last mail of yours seems mechanical and legalistic, reiterating Paperchase's original story of no plagiarism almost to the letter. It has blatant inconsistencies with your previous mail. I do not know who is advising you but stop taking their advise. You are about to destroy your name forever and it might be well deserved. More lies will not correct previous lies. Please give me permission to publicise your latest whole mail dated 13th February and timed at 09:53. I will send you the same reply through mail. Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise **** Correction The designer's mail does not contain any legal protection from publication, the protection was attached to the footnotes of previous mails attached to the mail in question. I retract this statement, The designer did allow for publication and she practically did it herself.
Dear David, I didn't force the designer or Gathernomoss to do anything. I kept putting pressure to Paperchase and did my best not to involve third parties. Paperchase never had to expose their designers. They could have apologised on their behalf and everyone seems to agree on this. I understand your point but please also remember that the designer and Gathernomoss lied or hid the truth. I was open from the start. Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise
Former Attorney, I'm afraid you are missing totally the case. (no pun intended) I was never investigating who copied whom (this was pretty clear to me) neither i was seeking an apology from the designer. My whole and initial complain was that i contacted Paperchase months ago presenting them the same evidence i'm presenting right now in my posts and they ignored my concerns and kept selling the infringing items. They ignored me because they knew i could not push them or hurt them in any way. They could have investigated further and take seriously my complaints (something they preach they are doing) and end the matter there. It is very sad you think i have any ulterior motive in all this, while you think that is absolutely fine that because Paperchase is legally covered they are not required to do what is right and moral. Bear hugs, Hidden Eloise