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I felt it important that I add a comment, even though I have not read the paper, and only today came across your blog. I hope you don't mind. Feel free not to approve it if it is not really relevant. Thanks. A few days ago I found a site which seems a register of Methodist bloggers. This is great for me. I am a Methodist who has not been to church for about 18 months - not proud of this, but it is just fact. In the last 3 months I have discovered Twitter, and in the last few weeks blogs. One of the ways I am using both of these is to re-engage with Christianity. I really greatly appreciate, gently at my own pace being able to read tweets and shortish posts which reflect Christian beliefs, a working out of the Christian faith in today's world, and which deep within I can identify with. Tweets and blogs are currently helping to keep me in touch with (or re-engage with) what was a massive part of my life (my Christian faith), but which I have shut out (God and I know the reasons / circumstances). So in relation to Social Media and the Methodist Church I am a Methodist who is gaining massive help from social media on my journey, and my hope is that in time I will re-gain the faith that was once so fundamental to my life. Currently, I am following a number of blogs by Methodist ministers, in addition to blogs and tweets by other Christians, and believe that God is using this to encourage me back to Him. Instead of verbal discussions with Christians, or going to church, this is a way that I am able to receive Christian communication/input. I hope the Methodist Church continues to allow ministers to engage with social media, in the same way as they engage in conversation with people i.e. freely. Keep up the good work - please!
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Jan 30, 2010