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Walter Higgins
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Ah shame. You already know what my take is on this whole FB/G+/Twitter vs. The Rest of the Web debate is. It's a pity you're leaving the blog behind but I can understand. I gave up blogging myself in 2005 and only returned to to in 2009 through posterous and now on . There's been an ongoing tension - an ebb and flow - between blogging and social-networking since the early days of both. Me personally - I've come to accept that while I can own my own content, conversation happens elsewhere. It's important for me to keep plugging away at long-form writing even if that long-form writing is a puny 300 words (my writing muscles has atrophied thanks to Twitter). Maybe a fresh approach away from TypePad, Blogger, WordPress et al would help reinvigorate your desire to write on the web. If you ever do decided to start writing again on a site you own fully, give me a shout and I'd be happy to help.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2012 on So long blog, it's been good at EirePreneur
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Feb 6, 2012