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You have articulated exactly what has happened with me and why I feel both personally betrayed and shocked at how this behavior can continue- I have used a tarot deck as my gatekeeper, but I have not listened to my intuition, I have been lazy at times and let my love of tarot blind me to the intentions some people actually have, and I have let people into my inner circle only because they had a deck of cards. It sounds silly when I write it out like that, but it's true. I have been quiet because I don't want the howling pack at my door, and that's cowardly on my part, but I am so sick of seeing this. Janet, and others, including yourself, have been condemned to serve a life sentence of vitriol and hate speech and it's just wrong.
I am super disappointed that supposed adults, who work in a spiritual and (again) supposedly enlightened calling can't put aside their issues from years ago and work quietly on their own cards while you work quietly on yours in individual spaces far from each other. It really bangs up my faith in humanity. (What I said on Facebook was something along the lines of "fucking babies wah wah wah" but I cleaned it up a little for this comment. But I also mean my first comment too. It's a conundrum.) If you were as insignificant and reviled as this group of people would like to make you feel, they would not have to go to these lengths and pursue the vendetta across this many years to try to make you feel it. "When I was in church they taught me something else- If you preach hate at the service, those words aren't anointed. That Holy Water you soak in has been poisoned" ~Macklemore "You will know them by their fruits." ~Jesus
This is incredibly helpful. Thank you! A good tarot journal can aid learning and insight so much, but the system shouldn't overwhelm its' purpose.
Tarot readings can bring about intimate moments between friends on a different time scale than they might happen on their own. Happy Holidays!
Thank you for this timely advice! Like all readers, I field a lot of questions about love and "soul mates" and I know most people don't like my answers. A lot to think about in this post!
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I think it is always best to do what you like to do. Anything else is drudgery and who wants to go through life like that? If I did, I would go back to my good paying job that was destroying my soul. And everyone who is paying an iota of attention realizes that the market for authors IS changing, and it is possible to make money in many other formats than a novel. I don't have them mastered, yet, but since I am not in a miserable soul sucking job I have time to learn them. And of course, so do you. You are already on the right track!
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Oh yeah we lived way out in the country so I was like 10 or 11 before we got a satellite, and it was HUUUGE and a big luxury item that we were constantly reminded was not a right to have. I probably would not have been allowed to watch MTV but I was on my own a lot and I faithfully turned it back to The Weather Channel whenever I was done. Don't ask, don't tell. I brought my oldest, who turns 18 on Sunday, home from the hospital in a blizzard. We usually do have a freak snowstorm in April or May, but we have had one every week for the last 6. I am saying we had a nice long fall and winter has finally arrived. Oh yeah, it was 80 degrees yesterday and I was wearing a sun dress. I love this crazy state.
You didn't have MTV in the 80s? Wow! They actually played music videos then. By the way, it is snowing (and sticking) in Denver today. Happy Beltane!
I not only follow this blog, but it is in my blog roll, so I share with all my readers. Magnets are essential in our house, so I am looking forward to having some with my favorite theme, tarot. I also think it is funny that the Fool is "stuck" and can't fall off the fridge, or memo board. (PS- I don't know what TypePad refuses to acknowledge my marriage, I am Amanda Donnelly now.)
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We love chili! We don't eat meat, and the hubs doesn't eat mushrooms (I know, wtf?) so we use texturized vegetable protein, which is soy, and it turns out beautifully. There is something so comforting about coming in to a slow cooker full of yummy warmth. Thanks for sharing your secrets!
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