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Hillary Lynne Glaser
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Sometimes it's OK to sound like an orgasmic squirrel, right? I mean, you ARE getting a new kitchen - I would TOTALLY scream like a 15 year old that just saw Justin Beiber or the cast of Glee or someone else really famous.
I'm totally procrastinating right now. I may try the tumeric chicken for Shabbat dinner - it looks yummy. AND I also want to pickle some cucumbers.
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We stayed at a Tzimmer in Rosh Pina about two years ago for my birthday! It was AMAZING! Very relaxing. We had the greatest view of the Golan Heights! Simply stunning!
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I wish! I can't even figure out how to bleach my whites without turning them yellow! There's too many minerals in the water!
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I bleached my trouser jeans once. I drew a faint bleach line down the center of each pant leg so the jeans looked creased and crisp. It worked! It was a really cool effect!
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Dec 16, 2010