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Ursula Hillbrand
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Jun 12, 2010
Hi, I feel attracted by this conversation as I am both subject and observer (holon) to these phenomena. @ "expats straddling communities and cultures" in combination with "These people do not feel irrevocably bound to a particular community. They see themselves as multidimensional" - I cannot agree more. This is however also developmental process, depending on either the numbers of years being expat and/or ability/desire to connect/communicate/adapt to the languages and cultures without loosing identity. A community then does not serve as the sole identity creator, but instead the mosaic of the collection of communities one is part of, does. It further leads then to the development of perceptive organs towards systemic perception and new language. A bit like the more foreign languages one knows, the easier it is to learn the next one. And if an emotional way of perceiving and understanding is added, information in almost any language can be understood, similar to how a baby understands the meaning of a message without understanding the actual words.That is very different to the more common level then the one of someone knowing a foreign language, but staying at the level of correcting grammar mistakes of non-native speakers, which is then equivalent to judging all those who do not behave conform to the one or two communities one knows. This to demonstrate that the language example quoted y George is a very good one. My three kids know four languages and travel daily in three to five national communities plus the ones emerging at the European School. It would be beautiful to make some of the features of such a developing community culture more conscious through a world cafe or the like. Exactly those feature constitute what makes most of us European officials say, "I cannot imagine going back to my home country for work.." Even many Belgians working for the EC say that..;) - I would suggest it depends on the degree of Europeanness or openness of an employer or working environment independently of the place and the ability of the individual to be able to recreate or attract a conglomerate of communities that is nourishing --> thus developmental;
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Jun 12, 2010