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You are correct about the fact you'll have trouble finding work if they run a background check. I used to have to do them at one of the places I worked at. When the background checks would come back if anything was on there the application basicly went into the 'round file' (the trash can) wouldn't even have a chance to expain yourself!
Ya know that chick Elise (I would have called her Elsie instead, you know like the "cow") would have totally creeped me out!! I bet it scared the kids to hear about and see creepy people like that "lurking" around!! I totaly remember when Roshell was visiting and she told me about when she went out to have a smoke and that creep was spying in the bushes!! She could NOT believe her eyes!! Was she next door (south of your dads cabin) where I told you that guy backed his truck up the driveway and stared/spyed on us when we were there? They have a word for this....ummmm..oh yea....STALKING!!! LOL Also, I remember her talking about this incident with GAR too! I was starting to get worried about my grandson being around 'those people', I was getting worried for his safety! Especially how they were always driving around drunk with kids and around the other kids!
P.S. What happened to your other "groupies"?? They have been so quiet.....Maybe they are doing some time behind bars, not "IN bars", "behind bars". You know like for: DUI,Harassment,public drunkeness,restraining order violations..etc. Did you check the jail roster? Lol
I have been reading all your detailed daily journal entries, all I can say is WOW you did a great job! And the other thing I will say is "THEY ARE SCREWED!!!" LOL LOL Those with all the other proof/info you have is a case made in heaven for your attorney! He should give you a partial refund for making his job so easy!
Ok Kari "to be continued" Luke....You have this one and 2 others that are left unsaid! LOL Just giving you a hard time, I know your packing & don't feel well. I forgive you :o)
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Jul 29, 2010
Oh Kari, and I forgot to ask, it says this comment was "rebloged" what does that mean? Was it 'rebloged' on rt0381's website? How do you find out where YOUR blog was "REBLOGED"?? LOL
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2010 on Update.. July 25th 2010.. at Kari's Injustice
Well, well, well...Then he DOES know you and he spoke the TRUTH on your "Update.. July 25th 2010" blog. He spoke the truth because he knows FIRST HAND what has gone on in Harmony Park! P.S. and it drives me nuts when you say....To be continued... LOL LOL Don't make me call (or text) you girl! lol
Yes I saw that email from Iraq, that was great! You have some great letters, keep em' comin'! When a friend of mine went to court the judge read each and every letter and he said they held alot of weight and he meant it. He said it's easy to get people to say negative things, but it's alot harder to get people to say positive things. So positive comments by far outweigh the negative ones. By the way that was said by a Skagit County Judge, are your filings in Skagit? It's just to bad your dads been here almost a month & a half and you haven't been able to spend time with him AT the cabin. But that will come SOON, I'm sure!
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2010 on Update.. July 25th 2010.. at Kari's Injustice
Well Kari rt0381 never replied so either it was BS or 'the trolls' found out who it was and have them tied up under the bridge so they can't speak the TRUTH....LOL LOL may use my 'real' name in anything on here as I have NO problem whatsoever with my identity being known!
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2010 on Update.. July 25th 2010.. at Kari's Injustice
Well Kari, not sure if it's sincere or just 'another' game but it looks like someone sobered up and looked at/listened to some FACTS instead hearsay GOSSIP and made up stories!! For Rt0381...are you for real? If so, congrats on opening your eyes, cuz it's so easy to see what was being done to Kari and her family. Do you even know Kari? If you do, you know she's NOT like she's been portrayed by the trolls of Harmony! Yes, she gets a little excited and is defensive but that's what happens when you get backed into a corner by a 'gang'.... You either give up and loose all (for you and your family) or come out swinging....I for one am just glad she still had the fight left in her to defend herself. Especially after all that was done to her and her family while they lived there! So what do you think now, not very fair huh??
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2010 on Update.. July 25th 2010.. at Kari's Injustice
Well Kari...if you ever want to do that I have a vehicle that has never been seen there or even been around there with very dark tinted windows.....I'll drive and follow and you write down the info while calling 911...Get them OFF the road!! Let them know what it's like to spend THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS for an attorney to defend themselves!! Maybe they could even spend a few days in jail to SOBER UP and THINK "was this F'd Up game really worth it?" The difference is they would be paying an attorney because they're GUILTY of breaking the LAW, and you're paying an attorney because you DIDN'T.
PLEASE>>>Call....Call....Call!!!! The life you save may be your own, or someone in your family!!! Or mine, or my kids, or my grandkids! The cops LOVE looking for drunk drivers, following the drunk & calling in plates to see if the drivers license is suspended...or...if they have warrents!! I hear it at least 5 times an hour on the Police Scanner....Yes, and you are right about those police scanners they are a BLAST to listen too!!
hmmmmmmm.....Maybe your past (prior to Harmony) and present neighbors aren't a bunch of drunks that sit around with nothing better to do than drink, gossip & try and start trouble! Ya think???.....
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Mar 27, 2010
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Mar 27, 2010
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Mar 27, 2010