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"Provide independent value" This is where everyone screws it up. If there's no independent value in the content, then it's just an ad.
We estimate how many people watched live. Why not estimate how many people recorded?
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on Networks Project Rosier DVR-Boosted Ratings at BLTv
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Excellent tip! I think this will help my friends. Also, I'm glad you're jumping in to show the video instead of waiting to get it perfect.
Good stuff. It's useful for me to see what it looks like in the viewer in order for me to wrap my mind around the concept. What do you think about people mislabeling thier content in order to spam microcontent readers and aggregators?
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2006 on This is Not an Ordinary Blog Post at
1 reply has the same problem. It still leans toward being geeky. It's not good for finding things regular people like or understand. Zniff shares this problem too.
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