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Randy McDonald shared the socialist beer article on the Facebook Alternate History group, I wonder if that caused the spike in traffic. That being said, it brought me here, and seeing that Doug M. is a frequent commenter sealed the deal. Back on topic, at least in the case of Newfoundland their currency was not pegged to the British sterling, eh?
Kimi actually started P4 (qualified P5, bumped up after Vettel got demoted from P3 for not having enough fuel at the end of his qualifying lap). He just had a really good start and ended up P2 after the first corner. Another of his Crazy Finn antics: he once entered and won an snowmobile racing event, in a gorilla suit, under the pseudonym James Hunt (the same Hunt that bradman mentioned, the one he's arguably reincarnating)
The ESPN player somehow does not work for me, both on Google Chrome and Firefox (on Linux); for those facing the same problem, here's the YouTube version of the video: note that you'd need to (appear to) be in the US to watch it.
Even more amazingly, the Sao Paulo race they just uploaded is actually watchable from outside the US as well (tried it from Indonesia). No US-only IP restrictions that US broadcasters normally impose
I reckon they noticed at St. Pete's that those rear bumpers make minor rear-end collisions mostly harmless, and so given a road course with ample run-off areas, overtaking suddenly becomes much less scary than in previous years. Between this added robustness and the change in balance throwing some drivers off, I say we should bring this innovation to F1 as well!
The Atom Bomb Suit reminds me of the sarcophagi used in the post-collapse Demarchist society of Yellowstone, in Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space universe -- to protect the wearer, not from radiation but from the nanoplague!
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Wonderful post, and I completely agree -- apart from one small nitpick: season 3 was a bit underwhelming, and it's not surprising at all that it was the final season. But yes, we need more Veronica Mars-thinking people!
This is a worrying demonstration of mob rule -- withholding of information (that those body scanners would not have detected the explosive powder used by the Christmas bomber); biased polling (asking passengers who already went through the enhanced security rigmarole whether they approved of it!); not taking the other side's POV seriously and cherry-picking the interviews to make the "pro" side paint the others as unpatriotic ... One does not have to take the words of privacy advocates like BBW and the EFF; even security experts agree that these body scanners don't do squat! The Israelis don't use them, for instance. You can't claim they don't worry about plane bombing. And behind every mob there lurks the puppetmaster -- Murdoch & co. Despite their populist affectations, the plutocrats behind the US right wing is as far from "main street" as it can be.
It's NurembERG (or Nürnberg in German), not NurembURG. Sorry, pet peeve of mine -- I've lived here for 8 months and it pains me to see it misspelled (especially since it has happened to some organizations I'm involved with)
Awesome news! By the way, would it be possible to alter the polling frequency so that updates are only pushed out, say, weekly?
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Feb 21, 2010
Presumably the criminals are doing it just to spite Big Brother. Isn't sprucing up the neighborhood more conducive to reducing crime than beefing up authoritarian monitoring systems, especially as, in this case, they do not come with increased patrolling?
Wireless router (with Tomato firmware. Won't take anything else!) -- Livescribe pen -- speakers with decent subwoofer and/or Sennheiser headphones -- external hard drives -- USB hub.
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