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I totally agree with your feelings on celibacy. I believe that it is DEFINITELY a necessity for the single Christian. Abstaining from fornication is clearly stated in the Bible, on more than one occasion. When we have sex with a person, we become spiritually linked to that person. It's no surprise that God said that the two shall become ONE when they are married. When we start having sex, not only do we become mentally, spiritually, and emotionally connected to the other person; but we also open ourselves up to demonic attacks from Satan. Sin opens the door to more sin. Sin leads to death. As a single Christian, our focus is on the Lord. When we engage in sexual activities with our siginificant other, or in some cases OTHERS, this takes away time and intimacy that is supposed to be directed towards God. Bottom line, celibacy is a must. Am I perfect? No. Am I a virgin? Nope. I blew that years ago. But I have made enough mistakes and given my body away enough to know that this temple belongs to the Lord. I love this post and your post on "How To Be Celibate". I'm definitely going to commit those steps to memory. Love you!
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Aug 11, 2011