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Ladson is hardly the last word in what the Nationals will or won't do. It's also possible that the Mets have nothing the Nationals could want, at least realistically. If the Nationals thought that they could get an "A" level prospect for Willingham I think that they would make the deal. The problem is that almost no one is willing to part with those kind of prospects for any player much less a good-but-not-great player like Willingham or even Dunn. Look at what the Indians got for Cliff Lee. Look at what the Twins got for Santana. Look at the fact that Roy Halladay is still a Blue Jay. If the Nationals traded Willingham they would most likely get a a few decent prospects in return, not anyone who could help them now or who projects to be a solid regular a few years from now.
Shorter opposing GMs: "the Nationals won't give accept our offer of our 14th-ranked Short-A prospect for Nick Johnson." Perhaps Rizzo thinks that, given Johnson's performance so far, the pick he would get as compensation is worth more than what he is being offered.