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The University of Alabama-Birmingham holds the papers of John Smythies, a friend of Humphry Osmond who provided Aldous Huxley with his first taste of mescaline. A photo accompanies the collection that is quite beautiful.
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As the Archivist at the Office of History I created a Twitter account to provide a way to connect the NIH Library and NLM with the History Office. Our office were not enthusiastic and were not familiar with it--historians and museum curators-- but I've put it up and rarely posted due to that. At NIH we are prevented from Facebook (only certain Institutes--NLM is allowed). I see some benefit if supported but as I have seen trends come and go I wonder if we have reached a critical mass of information sharing? Not sure and probably not.
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We do need librarians and archivists. Ideally these individuals will insure that information, new technology and old technology is preserved.
Love that line "reality is where you find it". I miss the downtown Birmingham of my youth and memories. Sounds like it is doing okay.
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