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Girl, I still have that dress hanging up in my closet- can't stand the thought of parting with it! It was worth the splurge because i felt like a little sexy bride hehehe! Thank you :)
Thanks Cris, loved answering your questions! And thanks to the fab ladies who commented on my dress. It took me forever to find that dress!! I'm so happy I didn't settle! is also a great and free website builder and their templates and quality are fantastic!
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on DIY: Create Your Own Custom Website at Kiss My Tulle
OMG!!! It's gorgeous!!!! You are going to rock the hell out of that dress! (i've been off the scene for while but I just had to respond to this!!!)
Totally agree Chris. If you want them to wear expensive stuff, you need to foot the bill. Option #1 for boys, very cute!
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May 27, 2011