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Hitsugi Ghoul
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What really up set due to the fact that people inc me sympathized with him being adopted and looking for his real parents. Many people Inc myself had suported him. what do u expect though? I bet majority of people got to introduced to K.T through HannahMinx that annyoing Weeboo that cares only for her tits and peoples comments on her tits lol Ok if he had K.T as an Alter ego fine but NOT to go as far as to say I was adopted and please help me find my real parents.
Humans are omnivorus, we are ment to eat both veg and meat. I know being a vegitarian is a life style choice but come on =.=;; There are certain things that cannot be made vegitarian 100% eg. Kimchi it needs fish sauce, my mate is vegitarain but he is still ignorant to the fact Kimchi has fish sauce lol o still let him munch away at it cuz im not going outta may way to please him when he comes over to my house for food lol especially when i have to eat tempe etc at his (yummy but not my choice of food) all things have life force and can feel pain even vegis and plants so i think eat real fish sauce for gods sake. I would like to try veg fish sauce but i am not gonna expet much from it.
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I used to buy Squid brand fish sauce for ages but now I have to say 3 Crabs Fish Sauce is my most favorite Ok, its more expensive but that taste is that much better in my opioion. I was told the cheaper type of fish sauces wither vietnamese or thai are use for cooking but when making sauce for rice paper rolls etc I was told i would not regret using 3 crabs by a vietnamese cashier in my local Veitnamese market. Well I will use it for everything not just dipping sauce. Last night i used it (3 crabs) along with Ginger Sugar garlic and fresh chilli as a marinade for grilled chicken YUMMY AS~~~~!!!! 3 crabs brand is def my fav now :)
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Mar 26, 2012