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Yannick, the system should have let you in, probably a temporary problem (I don't see you in the DB at all). If you don't mind trying again I'd appreciate it. You can also reach me directly burcsahinoglu at gmail dot com. Thanks!
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Algorithm, statistics rely on patterns and averages, and ultimately that's not how i want to find new music. And that's why I am building HIVEBEAT: to discover new music by selecting (my) taste makers and by seeing what they are listening the most (song/album/artist) over time. It's still very much in construction but functional. I've recently added a way to discover "taste makers", i.e. a way to discover people who have been listening to certain artist/albums first… feel free to try it
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In the same vein as Jay Frank, and rehashing the obvious, i think we often forget that for the mainstream, casual music consumer, music discovery is not a goal, it's a mean (to listen to new music that they like.) Like Cortney I find the music experience lacking: discovery, listening and next steps should be all integrated into one seamless experience. This has been a problem we tried to address in my first startup (circa 1998.) I also find the discovery aspect either obvious (playlist seeded by something we like) or too random (you might like this) with little way to fine tune it the result. I don't believe there is one "algorithm" that will work for everyone, @ HIVEBEATS we try to emphasize the social aspect with an added layer of source curation, i.e. segregating the people we trust for their music tastes from the rest. We have ways to go and the results are far from being perfect, but we are getting somewhere interesting.
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Jun 2, 2013