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With the advancing computer technology, and the computer becoming an essential part of life, most of the data that a person, company or a government has would be on the computer. Does someone hack those computers, leaving a worm in the system that not only destroys all the data, but steals it, the damage could be irreversible. This is a relatively new method that criminals, companies and countries around the world are using as a source of attack on the others' systems. This kind of attack is sneakier and relatively unpredictable, hardly identifiable, and hence is hard to be reversed... Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2010 at Global Media News
One of the cyberpsychologists 'Dr. Suler' has been involved in virtual world research for more than a decade now. He has written books on it. He has been completely dedicated and imersed himself into the virtual world completely. Here is the image of Dr. Suler's avatar improving from the newbie in Second Life. Before joining Second Life, he worked as an avatar of Palace. He has familiarized himself completely with the virtual worlds in these past years. Since avatars in virtual worlds represent those traits of the people which they may hide in real life, or may at least want... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2010 at Global Media News
Google had introduced a new virtual world to its users through 3D rooms that it was going to make available to the users who would have the opportunity to make those rooms a reflection of their own personality by decorating those rooms just as they wanted without spending fortune. And that would be your online meeting place with your friends and other users.This virtual world was called 'Lively' by Google, however, the users faced a lot of technical problems with it and hence the idea was finally dropped after a lot of work being done on it and also money... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2010 at Global Media News
There are people who teach, and then there are those who seek (the knowledge). Isn't the internet revolution making it so easier for both to reach each other. When I was a kid, I used to wish while going to school, if the process could be reversed, that is instead of me going to school, the school could come to me. Well, that has somewhat happened, now a big knowledge reserve reaches me home through internet, in fact I don't have the capability of taking in all the knowledge that is available. But still I can absorb the knowledge I... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2010 at Global Media News
I am trying to say (quite unsuccessfully though) that Australia is not a developing, struggling country. It is quite a developed country. It is like America in essence that the initial immigrants were mostly from the developed countries of the time, comparatively more open to things, they were sort of rebels from their own prejudiced soceities and embraced these new worlds with huge ideologies in mind, bringing a concept of open and free society, and yet they brought their culture with them. The public of Australia is not illiterate, unaware of their own rights people, they do have a say, and their voices are not suppressed by some feudals unlike in developing countries.Hence, their mentalities are more atuned to freedom of speech and life.
The above data taken from comScore shows how much USA online population gathering at user generation sites is targeted by the advertising companies through the user generated data available on these. A lot of other people are using the user generated blogs as an advertising tool. Here is a story of a Chiroprator Dr. Patrick McNamara,who first built his chiropractic business through the blog system, attracting the customers and their points of view, and then sold his practice. After he sold it, he was so adept in catching the consumer fish through the user generated systems, that he became the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2010 at Global Media News
I am trying to research the fact whether Australia's general culture complies with the net control policy they are trying to execute in their country. I personally have an impression that Australia is a very modern country, with a lot of immigrants and a good education system that attracts a lot of foreign students to benefit from it. Also, Australia has a European influence with Dutch and British victories. Australia is a country where the teenagers below fifteen comprise only 19% of the population, the group between 15 and 64 makes about 67% of the population, hence a larger percentage.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2010 at Global Media News
When Australian Communications minister Conroy tries to enforce a regulation according to which Google will have to censor or filter certain unwanted content from youtube, Google balks at Conroys call to censor youtube. In response to this, Conroy's protest is that Google is doing the same for China and Thailand. Google's control equipment is not in Australia, China and Thailand, it is in America, and the irony of matter is that Google operating from America has to comply with the laws of other countries whileproviding them with the content. An argument put forth by CORE ( Computer Research and Education... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2010 at Global Media News
In an interesting research by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT,shows that acess to information technology has a 'statistically significant, positive impact on life satisfaction' The Chartered Institute for IT has found in it's study that access to IT is linked to well being and sense of control over your life. It has also found that the poor nations benefit the most when provided with this access. Internet for private sector did come as a luxury in the first place, but think, 'is it a luxury anymore'. It is becoming a basic need with time. Many of the US companies... Continue reading
Posted Sep 23, 2010 at Global Media News
This ruling in 2008 is a landmark on the history of net neutrality cases, since there has never before been formal hearing of such a case. It was close though, the FCC ruled 3-2 votes in ruling that the Comsat practice of blocking or slowing down content from BitTrottle was illegal. However, the ruling has been reversed at the Court of appeals recently in April 2010, by a three panel judges. In November 2007 Federal Communications Commission received a request from Free Press joined by a few faculty members from Yale, Harvard and Stanford, to prosecute Comsat against it's discriminatory... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2010 at Global Media News
In a third world country where poverty amongst most of the population is at a high level, Bangalore or Bangalore is a total contrast. Not that Banglaru is the only metropolitan city in India, but it surely has an edge to it.The most profound element that makes it stand out is it's IT factor. Let's start by welcoming you to Bangalore Airport. An indicator of any city's extent of modernism is it's international airport. Let us now have a tour of the city that looks like as if plucked from a developed world and misplaced in the third world: Now... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2010 at Global Media News
I was listening to the NBC news this morning and came across this one about the chinese worker working at the chinese foxconn branch, and killing himself due to being overworked, underwaged and living in poor conditions. It just hit me that I should bring up the negative aspect of the glozalization and digital economy, since everyone will be talking about positives anyway. According to China Post, this was the eleventh employee of the same company who committed suicide. The fast paced growing digital economy is very much responsible for this. This company manufactures the digital stuff like ipads, ipods... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2010 at Global Media News
Washington Post reporter Steven Overly has written an interesting article about the Google-AOL relationship. The relationship is about 8 years old. AOL has been a subsidiary of the company "Time Warner". However, it has matured in previous years distinctively and broken it's ties with Time Warner recently. Although Google-AOL ties still carry on, and infact have recently renewed their vows, to take their venture from your laptop and PCs to your mobile and cells. As the wireless services improve on the cell phones they hit it at just the right time to carry their mutual services to this higher level.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2010 at Global Media News
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