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Again, you can deconstruct what is in power. European Christianity has been in power. That gives license to attack it. We are part of that demographic, religious or not, and therefore aren't fit to practice Orientalism or post-colonialism. Once you realize what is going on in the culture at large, you won't get so dizzy or upset at the seeming "hypocrisy" of The Other. They are asserting themselves, as Woodrow Wilson wanted them to, and that means the West has to set a lot more plates at the table and you can't go around spouting off about needing to convert to Christianity from Buddhism to find forgiveness. You are the progeny of the suffering of The Other and therefore are able to have your foundations undermined.
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Spag: You must understand deconstruction to understand what is happening. It is not hypocrisy in their eyes since European Christians have dominated World History for the last 600 years. Despite the fact that Judaism and Islam are much richer in historic and cultural significance both before the 15th Century and still today than is Christianity, because Christianity and it's offshoot (Western European nationalism and capitalism) has been ascendant for six centuries it must now be taken apart piece by piece in order to be shown to have no real moral ground to stand on. I mean, yeah, Patton prayed to God for clear weather so he could get to Bastogne and relieve the 101st Airborne before the Wehrmacht chewed them to bits, but today none of that matters man, we are all one and need to live together in spite of our differences and if one set of folks believe they are set apart or chosen as special, well it is incumbent upon us to tear their little fallacy down with ridicule and hyperbole to obfuscate the fact that either Jesus Christ was who he said he was or he was a fucking nut. Oh wait, no, we should accept everyone's personal belief, no matter which path they chose, because how can any of us know until we die, even though the three Abrahamic religions are incompatible. One is true or none of them is true. They are irreconcilable. I'm flirting with atheism myself these days, which makes all of the above comments a joke, but I think I may side with Pascal on his wager. Deconstruction, my friend. It drives the blogosphere.
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