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Retired end of last year after 22 years (2 years extension inclusive)at EMC enterprise sales. Agree to the most of your analysis, Joe Tucci is a great CEO and a great person in addition, the right man at the right time in 2001, without him EMC would be a thing of the past since long time. Nonetheless EMC has ceast to exist as a company just yesterday and a few stakeholders might ask if he really did the right thing and sold to the right guy at the very end. What if Joe Tucci would have followed Elliot Managements 2014 proposel, to split off VMware, dumping his firm believeand probably some emotions overboard, only company size would matter today? Couldn´t a downsized but therefore a much more agile EMC decide in the comfort of a sea of fresh money from the splitoff (remember VMware s market capitalization in 2014), where to invest wisely in times of disruption everywhere for the next wave of unprecedented growth ? Nevertheless, I hope for the best of the newly formed company and for my many good frieds at EMC.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2016 on DellEMC -- Bittersweet Thoughts at Chuck's Blog
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Sep 8, 2016