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Kirsten H.
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One of our favorite treats. Your brittle looks very very yummy. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
Your cat is soooo cute. We would love to own one again, but at the moment we adopted three Guinea pigs. So the cat has to wait. My husband would love these beautiful treats! Thanks for sharing.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2010 on How to Make Candied Orange Peels at Clockwork Lemon
Wellington shows great taste! He is so cute.
What a pretty boy. He is so lucky to have found a new home with you.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2010 on Wellington at Clockwork Lemon
In German we call them "Heidesand". My family has been baking these cookies every Christmas. They are my very favorite. I can hardly wait to bake them soon again.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2010 on Brown Butter Cookies at Clockwork Lemon
Yes, I was waiting for you to post this recipe and here it is. Such a great looking bread. I will have to give it a try. Thanks.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2010 on Braided Lemon Bread at Clockwork Lemon
Hi Adam, I have two children. I hope both of them will find a partner they will love and share their life with. That is all that matters. I want my kids to be happy. I was at my brother in laws wedding. The priest there was going on and on against gay relationships. I could hardly hold myself back on the bench. I thought, how terribly rude of him. Who is he to judge?? Especially, since the brides brother is gay and was sitting in church with us. I have several gay friends. They are all wonderful people. I wish society would stop judging. O.K.. That is probably enough (I could still go on for a while). I am happy for you to have brought your family together at one table. This is what life is about. Cheers Kirsten
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That looks like a very successful brunch to me. Will you share the recipe of the lemon bread? Enjoy your Le Creuset. They are just wonderful pots.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2010 on Brunch at Clockwork Lemon
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Oct 3, 2010