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Michael Hochman
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I went to school at Syracuse, and this is beyond laughable. They've had 72" of snow this month, and I don't remember a single word about anything being even discussed as canceled. Oh, and the Carrier Dome even sent their engineers to Minneapolis to help with the Metrodome 'situation'.
@Aaron: I think that's Elton John.
Excellent observations. You always know how to nail it. That's what she said.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2010 on Game Five Roundup at Crossing Broad
You are completely half-right, and completely half-wrong. The priest, yes. That was a completely unnecessary addition, 'we do' should be cut. But the woman with the arm and leg? Her dead-pan sarcasm delivery is spot-on and in no way is telling the audience they don't get it. In fact, I would say she's getting it ALONG with the audience. (She's basically saying 'See? Arm and a leg? Ha? Lol? I'm a cute blonde dork, but I'm adorable!') It's not an extra appendage (pun intended), it's humor. And such, I laugh every time i see it, and even say it in my everyday life.
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Nov 23, 2009