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I personally was embarrassed last night to be a Komet Fan. Not by our players but by the fans. All I see on these blogs are how bad the Komets Fans are. Last night several proved them right. They had a off night. If it was that hard for us to sit in the stands think now hard it would have been to be on the ice. Yes I know they were able to do something about it and we weren't, but it just didn't click for them last night. Let's pray tonight is a better night. I hope our fans going up their show more class then some did last night.
I believe that to be the correct schedule. That is what is up on IHL site.
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Was wondering if anyone knows if I need to get tickets in advance for tomorrow nights game or can I get them at the door? Also what section is good for Komet fan?
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Word is Bertram was out sick as was Coach Sims. Lets hope everyone is back tonight.
I will agree with you. My problem with it is the fans that are yelling for him to get in the net. Possibly they have gotten into the habit from the beginning of the season but I thinks it's time now to "Shut up about it"
Ok...I'm new on here and I can see that sometime you people get upset with some posting. So be kind. I know at the beginning of the season everyone complained about Reiter being out of the net but don't you think he has proven himself this season. Everytime he is out someone yells for him to "Get in the net". I find that yelling more annoying then Reiter being out of the net. Coach must be fine with it or I'm sure we would be seeing a change.