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During our reception, my aunt introduced me to a second cousin of hers who shortly thereafter asked me the most race-baiting question I think I'd ever heard. I'm still upset about it and that was almost 14 years ago. Also, at the end of the reception (we had a morning wedding), the restaurant staff refused to pack any leftovers for my MIL to take home (and there were plenty). Said they couldn't because of health code reasons. What they didn't know was that we were staying in the attached inn that night, and so when we went down for dinner, we saw the waiters serving all of the stuff from our reception that they'd said they couldn't let us have.
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Our minister kept calling me "Howard" during rehearsal. My name is not Howard. He did manage to right that particular cart before our actual ceremony, but then he performed a different wedding ceremony than the one we'd requested.
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DURING the service? Holy cow. Ours just told us the importance of sex in marriage while we were going through the hour or two of premarital counseling. "We got it, thanks."
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To answer your questions... 1. The current state of the art in Russian Flanker variants is commonly believed to easily be at parity with the US's legacy aircraft. The Russians are also working on an advanced tactical fighter in partnership with India, and while it's still in prototype, if it ever gets to operational status, then they'll have air superiority against anything short of the F-22 or Europhighter Typhoon. 2. The F-35 was, is, and will always be a bomb truck, not a fighter. Its entire development was predicated on the idea that the F-22 would be built in the numbers planned earlier (and subsequently slashed, which incidentally is why the unit cost of the F-22 is so high) and it is NOT expected to be nearly as good as the F-22 in air dominance. On the other hand, the F-22 should be just about as capable a bomb truck as the F-35. 3. I'm pretty sure the F-14 never used that claimed six-simultaneous-shot capability and the Phoenix's operational record in Navy use was decidedly unimpressive. The F-22, on the other hand, can fly high and fast in normal combat use, it's stealthier than any other fighter, and a pack of F-22s roving the battlespace kills anything that they don't want flying. As an air dominance system, the F-22s are unparalleled in what they can do.
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