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Eleanor Hoh
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Adam, you're one of those writers that make me LOL! I love that. These blogging tips are so right ON, thanks for giving us the opportunity on your wonderful site. I love getting your newsletters, always a laugh.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Posting Tips at The Amateur Gourmet
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I love the way you involve your daughter in making the veggie rolls. I don't use recipes either, so very refreshing to see your post with little of this and that. Will be checking back soon.
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Love this blog about adding Kimchi on all sorts of different foods! Want to share this site for Alex Lewin who calls himself a lacto fermenting instructor! Here's his blog: He did a Boston kimchi fest recently: I would love to go to a kimchi fest, think there's one in LA! I too love kimchi in any shape or form. Lucky you living in Korea and married to one.
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I really like how they thread through like pieces of art but so functional. I remember in Hong Kong, they wrap veggies in newspaper tied with rattan. Keeps your veggies fresh and easy to hold with a finger. I reuse my plastic bags as garbage bags, I never buy them. Love your new design, very National Geo look? Again, outstanding photos David.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2010 on Who Needs Plastic Bags? at EatingAsia
Oops, forgot to mention I'll be listing this as well as your other pho posts as a resource on my post: "To Pho or not to Pho". Great job Andrea.
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Love all your posts. I'm doing a Pho show and tell with fellow Twitterers, so when I was doing some research, found you at the top of Google search on this topic! As a fellow 'technique' cooking teacher, I so appreciate this article on pho techniques. When I understand the "why" of something, I can decide what I want to do with it. My decision was not to make my broth clear, I love texture and the yummy meaty bits, why sieve it away? I also don't add sugar to my food because I feel it masks the flavor of the sweetness that comes naturally from the ingredients. The reason to add sugar is to balance salty, bitter, sour but if you don't have those, why add it? I agree with Thy who posted comment on your Beef pho post, what you add to your bowl of pho noodles is up to you but keep the broth pure.
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Mar 12, 2010