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On the same day HBO announced its streaming service is on the Amazon Fire TV, Roku has news of its own. Re/code found an FCC filing revealing that the media streamer folks have come to an agreement with Comcast. That means the cable giant's customers... Source: Tags: Dan Bilzerian... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2014 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Cretin. Sean Wix/Courtesy of the artist hide caption itoggle caption Sean Wix/Courtesy of the artist Cretin. Sean Wix/Courtesy of the artist How's this for an opening line? "Gross. They say I ate you in the womb, that Mom had no room." After eight years of other projects, members joining Repulsion... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2014 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Own a PlayStation 4? Today's your day: the console's big 2.0 update is finally live. Sony's been teasing the update for weeks, lauding the console's new ability to play music from a USB drive, the availability of system menu themes and promising new... Source: Similar Articles: breast cancer awareness... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2014 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Anyone who's ever torn a muscle will be grateful for that fact that the fibers can repair themselves. But now, researchers have developed lab-grown muscle that can achieve the exact same thing. Read more... Source: Related Topics: kurt cobain March Madness 2014 Emmanuel Sanders good morning america arne duncan Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2014 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Just days after OKCupid called out Mozilla's CEO Brendan Eich over his support of a ban on gay marraige, Mozilla announced today that Eich "has chosen to step down." [Mozilla via Re/code] Read more... Source: Category: Dancing With the Stars 2014 lollapalooza Acc Tournament 2014 bill nye Groundhog Day... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2014 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Following the launch of the all-new HTC One yesterday , you can already buy one from the Google Play Store, stripped of its HTC guff. Read more... Source: Related Topics: Crystal Reed bill murray Lego Movie Vanderpump Rules Black Sails Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2014 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Honoring those who've stepped up in the fight against HIV/AIDS, some of Hollywood's most famous faces headed to the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 12). This year, host Chelsea Handler plays ringmaster as Aileen Getty, Goldie Hawn, and Hugo Boss are recognized for their contribution. Also... Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Peter Higgs, who proposed the existence of what would be dubbed the Higgs Boson, says that he wouldn't cut it if he were entering academic science today. Keep in mind that this dude won a Nobel Prize for physics a few months ago. Read more... Source: Related Topics: toys... Continue reading
Posted Dec 8, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
If you're in the market for a few more engineers, you could go through the rigamarole of posting a listing on some job site - or you could just pick up a whole team. The small staff behind photo-sharing app Viewfinder will be setting up shop in Square's New York... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
We've seen single-pixel cameras, and now MIT researchers have figured out how to create clear images of dimly-lit objects using single photons -- in 3D, no less. The technique doesn't involve any fancy new hardware, either, as the team worked with a standard photon detector that fired low-intensity visible laser... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Fuel cells are very much back on the energy agenda. It's not smartphones this time, however, but vehicles. From Toyota, no less. The company's fuel cell program is about to bear fruit and it's revealed a sleek, shiny concept design that's promising a range of "at least" 500 km and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 20, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Kicking off the day with more promotional duties, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence at a “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” photocall in Madrid, Spain this morning (November 13). After attending the film’s world premiere in London last night (November 12), the trio of Tinseltown royalty looked to be in... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — The Buffalo Sabres have fired coach Ron Rolston and rehired Ted Nolan to replace him. Sabres owner Terry Pegula also announced Wednesday that he fired general manager Darcy Regier and hired Pat LaFontaine as president of hockey operations. The Sabres are off to a 4-15-1 start,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Survivors move past the damages caused by Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban city, Leyte province central Philippines on Monday, Nov. 11, 2013. Authorities said at least 2 million people in 41 provinces had been affected by Friday's disaster and at least 23,000 houses had been damaged or destroyed. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
WASHINGTON (AP) — She is the little girl riding her pony Macaroni around the White House lawn, the big sister hiding under the Oval Office desk with her little brother John. And in a heartbreaking childhood photo, she is the white-gloved daughter kneeling with her mother at the coffin of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
For news junkies, Twitter, the web, and television are an embarrassment of riches -- constantly bombarding us with headlines and stories that are breaking... even when they aren't. Enter Breaking News, a website, Twitter account and suite of mobile apps that cuts through the noise by curating actual breaking news... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
In this Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel poses for photos, in Los Angeles. Spiegel dropped out of Stanford University in 2012, three classes shy of graduation, to move back to his father's house and work on Snapchat. Spiegel’s fast-growing mobile app lets users send photos, videos and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Titanfall, one of Microsoft's big reveals at its E3 presser, will remain an PC and Xbox platform exclusive "for the life of the title." That's according to Electronic Arts' CFO Blake Jorgensen, explaining during the gamemaker's financial call today. This comes just a week after developer Respawn ... Source: Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
While EMC and VMware spinoff Pivotal prepares to launch its business intelligence PaaS (platform-as-a-service), the new company has also been busy building its portfolio of data mining and analysis software. The company is releasing two programs to help data analysis. One is an in-memory data store for real-time analysis that... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
The new Tweetbot 3.0 app is completely revamped for iOS 7 and few apps look as good as the new light freshness of Tweetbot. Little animations like bouncing buttons, little details like blurred backgrounds and so forth make it absolutely delightful for diehard tweeters. $3 [iTunes] Read more... Source: Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Got BBM on Android? Here are the basics. BBM is starting to get (kinda-sorta) rolled out today on Android, and to get folks acclimatized, BlackBerry has posted a few how-to videos on their YouTube channel. Videos show how to manage groups, how read/delivered receipts work, handling multi-person chat, checking status... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Wow, we are just having an A1 day! Breaking news for Breaking Bad fans all over Albequerque the world! In a recent interview, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul would be making appearances in the upcoming spinoff Better Call Saul: "Personally, I'd have a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
Philips may be at the forefront of connected lighting with its Hue range, but could soon have a competitor in Samsung's "Smart Bulb," which has just popped up at the FCC. The Korean outfit first revealed plans for a wireless bulb earlier in the year, and expected to launch a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
By Lex October 14, 2013 @ 3:00 PM Justin Bieber is pretty prodigious at pussy scuffles, but he’s still not even to the legend, Shia LaBeouf. Shia is like Bieber without the bodyguards. He gets wasted and picks fights with dudes who invariably wallop him with a few good licks... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog
By Yara Bayoumy and Hadeel Al Shalchi CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Mursi will stand trial on November 4 on charges of inciting the killing of protesters, a prospect sure to raise concern in Washington, already considering cutting aid as a way to urge Cairo to restore democracy.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2013 at Hohlerchelsea9's blog