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Watching it on PC right now but it is not working on PS3. Sure is a lot of down time with the streaming lately they better get that cleared up.
I think this so far might be the greatest day in Redbox's history cause they are going to get some business from the unhappy Netflix customers. I'm on 1 DVD plan, going to drop the DVD plan and go streaming only. I have 6 redboxes within 2 miles of me, an actual brick and mortar Blockbuster 1 mile away plus the county library. Just going to make my dvd rentals in person. I would bet a lot of people claiming in that poll that they are going to quit never will. Just knee jerk reaction for now.
No problem getting to the site but cannot access Netflix on PS3 tonight.
The Verizon data is useless as it combines DSL and Fios. Fios would blow Comcast numbers away (being a former customer of one and current customer of the other)
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Jun 1, 2011