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Xino your pricing is wrong. I just signed up for 1 at a time for $9.99 which is the same as Netflix with the BR add on price.
Breaking Bad seasons 1-3 on streaming now.
It wasn't fixed when they said it was fixed. last night my daughter was trying to watch something on the PS3 and it kept stopping and saying there was a problem.
My 8 year old discovered this morning and he loved it right away.
Gold Jerry Gold! When pointed out that BB is actually more expensive, just change the argument completely. FAIL
How would switching to Blockbuster Online resolve streaming issues since they don't have that service? As for Netflix, these outages are occuring way too often for a company that made recent price changes and wants to push their customers in this direction. Get your crap together NF
People that pay for a service are not investors, they are customers. Customers did not risk losing their money but putting it into the company to spend it. Netflix is rewarding customers by offering more access to content through streaming, something that was not available when those long time customers started with them.
Dropping DVD plan for streaming only. can get any dvds I want to see at BB, Redbox or local library all within 2 miles of my house.
According to Instant Watcher this is not in HD? Why would Netflix cut a deal in 2011 for the show but not in HD? I don't get that
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Jul 27, 2011