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My response to some of the comments: This is not a discrimination issue. Gay-identified families are NOT denied access to this event on the Lawn, and no one is questiong their right to be there. Can’t people just go so they can have fun? Why does this event have to become about accepting gay families? People have also made comments that since Easter is not based on bunnies and eggs, my discussion is discredited. I was not endorsing that a bunny with plastic eggs captures the meaning of Easter. I guess you missed the point. The conversation about Christian and secular representations of different holidays is for another time and place. The point here is that activists are using this event to make the day about them, not their children, saying "my family matters because I'm gay." This is a special day at the White House for kids to make memories. It could instead be remembered as the awkward day when they were surrounded by people shoving their sexual preference in the nation's face, or when some kids couldn't get in because gay activists pushed to the front of the line to get tickets.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2006 on Easter Eggs & Rainbow Leis at Exodus: Live Out Loud
This is a very big encouragement to people like me who want to reach out to gay men and women, with love, while standing firm on the truth. I know it has also already been a big encouragement to the parents in our online support group. I have met so many people (young and old) who decide to supoprt the homosexual lifestyle out of love for their friends. This is a great witness that loving someone at times means to offend, and its a risk that we have to weigh...Thank you for sharing this part of your story.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2006 on Offended at Exodus: Live Out Loud
I agree with you, Alan. In our history, whites put up the signs limiting rights & access to blacks, non-jews limited access to jews in the past; it's horrible. But discrimination has happened from one group to another. To blame someone (or in this case, heterosexuals at large) that they will reject you, and how they will -- this builds walls, it does not help us to grow closer in unity of understanding. The issue in Boise (and nationwide) is the definition of an sacrament of marriage. "Water fountain" is not defined as "a place where white people take a drink". Marriage IS defined as the union between a man and a woman. The implication that maintaing this natural view leads to disallowing people access to public property is just ridiculous.