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Devakilicious as always! What a wonderful description of your culinary evening, I wish I could have joined you!
I would like to order a, make that two dozen!
Devaki, this looks absolutely amazing, the photos are better than words, almost. I would still like to place an order to go...
Well, to be honest, it was an accident. I was having trouble with the internet and tried to scroll down to read. It froze for a minute and then did all the scrolling at once, making it look like an animation. The pictures look totally delicious!
Wow, your pictures are really good Devaki. If you scroll down from the top really really fast it looks like the pie makes itself!
Devaki, this actually looks like one I can make. I'm going to try it!
Oh my gosh this all looks so Devakilicious! I remember sitting at this table for meals and I have never seen it looking as lovely and well-dressed. The bright yellow tulips are like a warm kitchen hearth fire to inspire conversation and friendship. What a joy to be a diner at such a meal, I wish I could have been there. I wonder if the camera pans to the right, does the decor include Janak's smiley-face launching pad?
Devaki, See, you are not writing in a void. I always thought you should find ways to get more exposure. And I love your new photo!
It's true, there are patisseries on every corner and they always had beautiful tartes aux poires in the window, with all the little poires laid out in rings like in your beautiful photos. It reminds me of children buying pain au chocolat on their way home from school! Maybe I will attempt it for Josh and then for work. You're right though, they will go absolutely nuts for it.
Wow Devaki, this looks so good. It reminds me of living in Paris. I still think it would be easier to just let me come over and eat with you.
Devakilicious! Every Monday at the architecture firm where I work, two people sign up to bring "breakfast." I think that I am going to practice this one at home and then make it for the office when it's my turn. It seems like a good thing to have on a cold Seattle Monday in the middle of winter. The last time, I made madeleines. I wonder if I could use the same mold and end up with individual scallop-shaped upma so that it is easy for everyone to share...?
Hi Devakalicious! I think I have finally understood the "follow me" thing. D'oh. I'm looking forward to leeks... fyi, March 1st is St.David's Day in Wales. To celebrate, one is meant to offer leeks to friends and eat daffodils, or vice versa.
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