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Holman_jc added a favorite at Chief Marketing Technologist
Nov 27, 2012
After reviewing the Lean Startup method(s), I've come to the same conclusion that marketing is a primary (if not the primary) role/function a 'new innovator' a.k.a. entrepreneur must master. Innovators who have been 'around the the block 'can probably survive as their channels are already established, but mastering the new marketing technologies available in order to distribute a product or service is not only cost effective, but imperative. I agree, "marketing is involved in birthing innovative ideas" and the data verifies: "#1 barrier to innovation - Too much focus on short-term financial performance-but we have to play the game..right? As a BA and and social entrepreneur, I'm looking forward to tying this all up nicely into a mobile technology-hopefully solve a few world problems at once! Great post and site, I'm a Fan..J
This post holds true to today, if not further substantiated by a couple years of progress. If you like change, look forward to the next few years to come!
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Nov 27, 2012