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Steve Holtje
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Ear Wax closed the Bedford Ave. store in June or July this year but merely moved four blocks away, to North 9th St. That location is less visible and smaller, so I worry they may not last. Also, they are phasing out CDs and emphasizing vinyl. Stuart Wexelbaum of Stooz' runs something out of his basement in Williamsburg on North 11th St. Those of us who cared about classical music more than you (which is setting the bar pretty low) loved Record Hunter. In the category of places you left out, besides the already mentioned places dear to me (Midnight, Sounds), there was Finyl Vinyl, Second Ave. in the Village if memory serves, and Sam Goody's, various locations, with their weird system of letters on the LPs with a big sign hanging from the ceiling that translated those letters into prices. What was the name of the overpriced collectors LPs store across the street from Second Coming? Hated them, but couldn't resist some of the rarities.
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Aug 10, 2013