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I currently have a very old marble floor in my rental apartment, I absolutely and positively hate it in the kitchen. Probably because it is old and was never properly vitrified. My advice is spare no expense on taking care of it, Marble is pretty but high maintenance, and you might have to have it re-vitrified regularly. Marble is a super porous stone that will absorb all the grease and spills that it can absorb. I live in India and it is still quite a trend to have marble all over the house but nobody cares about the maintenance aspect much over here. With the kind of lifestyle I have and the pollution levels in Mumbai, I know that the day we own our own place there will be no marble in the kitchen. Other rooms, totally, but I am on the fence when it comes to the kitchen.
Ohhhh I might try the orange and star anise combo, it looks awesome! I usually stick to the way too common lime and mint combo when flavouring water, it is time to try new thing.
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Oct 21, 2015