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We want to go to St Croix - why? We have two homes because we are a blended family that shares custody of each of our children with our exes, who live in two different states. Every Sunday we drive 220 miles to get to our other children. Last week we had 10 inches of snow which we arrived home to on Sunday and had to shovel out to get to the house. During this week we got 16 more inches of snow. Guess what is waiting for us to shovel when we go to the other house on Sunday? MORE SNOW! Woot! Seriously, I'm ready to just bury myself in it and give up, I need a break!
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This is great information - I didn't realize Living Social and other sites has launched in London, we use it a lot in the US and when we travel over here. I wonder if there is a site similar to over there? We use their coupons for eating out a LOT here, it really helps us save on those costs and still enjoy a nice meal.
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Jan 11, 2011