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I haven't had many troubles with the streaming at all lately maybe once this month I had issues but you also got to remember just how many people out there are streaming all the time that can cause things to slow down and or crash the system. I think that netflix does a good job at the streaming side (I could use newere titles that's another topic.) for justr how much it's used
I just cut back on my cable to save money and with more and more people dumbing cable tv for online streaming as their main choice of tv watching I think disney is stupid to be doing this, it's gonna hurt them in the long run.
I don not see what all the hype is about with the price increase, after all even with a 60% increase in some cases I still feel it's a good bargin way cheaper then renting dvd's from a BB store or going to the movies and that is why I am staying with netflix.
If this deal does go through it will be big for netflix. I think Netflix is more looking like another premium pay service all the time with their instant watch .
had a slight problem watching via my roku tonight but it only lasted a short time before I was able to stream again just fine.
I too am having the same troubles with my roku where some tv shows will not work last night while I watching that 70's show one episode played fine but after that one it just said content no available. I am too seeing more and more problems with the stream lately I wonder if their servers are just getting way overloaded
I've been having some troubles with watching certain tv shows today with my roku. I try watching them on the pc they work just fine so not sure whats up with the instant watch again. They sure been having problems with it lately.
I don not use either one of those it's either my wii or roku but mostly the roku.
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Jun 9, 2011