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zone 6-7
On a quest to be the best version of myself possible
Interests: Paleo/primal lifetstyle, homesteading, fashion, beauty, all things home, sociology, history.
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Thanks Lisa. Major changes are happening and I'm going to be vlogging it all!
I was spanked, very occasionally. My mom used to tell tales about what my grandparents would dish out, but she dialed it way back. We heard of other kids and "switches", but we never got hit with them. Dh is firmly and passionately opposed to corporal punishment. My oldest have probably gotten 2 spankings a piece, maybe 2 swats each time. But no more, we use other methods.
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Pretty much.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2014 on SIDE.FLIPPING.EYE. at Rantings of a Creole Princess
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I used to be big on videos. It was great when my kids were smaller. I loved The Firm and Taebo. Probably the last thing I bought was 30 Day Shred. These days I get up in the mornings and hit the gym. It's not too far from my house and near the grocery store if I need to pick up something on the way back.
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May 27, 2013