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What should sicken you "UnitedStatesofAfrica" is your refusal to face reality. United states of Africa by corrupt African leaders like your president and the others who do not care about their people. Why don't you look at that. White-washed Africans? What are you washed with? Black? Pink? I suggest you wash in the Blood of Jesus by taking God's view of the world and not depend on your limitations - objectivity.
Essono, You said "When we know that itself is ruled by powerful corporate business and who through their exploitative and imperialisic policies have made the world as insecured and violent as never before", Also, quoting what the Chinese have "built" in Cameroon. I see how you are very bitter and ignorant.You think CHINA is building establishments in Cameroon because they love Cameroon? They are doing it for their interest too. What do you say about Darfur? who are behind the continuous pilage of human life? Tell me. The world is in tumult because of the wickedness of the human race as a whole, not because of the Americans. Sin is the problem Jesus Christ is the Answer. The USA has done more good to the world than evil. No nation is perfect but it is the best nation in this world. Also, Essono if you are in the USA now why don't you emigrate now? If you are in Cameroon, Please do not fake documents to try to travel to the USA.
I presume you expect everyone to agree with you because you signed your name and added PhD; Dr. Neba Funiba? You describe the article, "a laughable and irrelevant story" The role of a paper is to give information. Read what you are interested. Make constructive criticism. I have read alot of information from The Post. There is the existence of an active spirit world and anything can happen. The only sure security is in the One who came to destroy the works of Satan; JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD. We all have to consider where we will spend eternity instead of being puffed up with arrogance because with think "we know to much"; and educated. We should not let knowledge get to our heads. Be prudent!!! God bless you all.