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Bob Honiker
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If Barack Obama thought that a significant number of illegal aliens would ever vote for conservative candidates he would be guarding the border with an assault rifle, loaded with cop killer bullets.
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A Republican should believe that our Constitution is as nearly sacred as a secular document can be. Those who don't are only another flavor of democrat.
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A politician without an exploitable crisis is a politician without power.
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I don't mind paying for the trip over, it's the coming back that upsets me!
Is he still shooting at streetlights?
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The Constitution exists to protect each individual from excesses of government AND excesses of a democratic majority. Inalienable rights are a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion.
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I agree with Marco most of the time but no one will ever convince me that Mitt Romney is conservative. He drags a stolen R around after his name but has no grasp of conservative values at all!
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Jan 25, 2012