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Hi this is David Henry Marketing Director of Monster UK and Ireland anybody may reuse this info graphic you can find the details and the embed code at
I guess you could consider it news, but we would rather see this as part of our continued commitment to user experience, we don't create a press pack for every thing we do. You may already be aware we launched 6sense a semantic search capability for both job seekers and employers last year, which uses site data and consumer and employer search data to continually improve the matching capabilities of the site, you can read about this here not just what we have to say about it but others too. This is live in the UK, France & US and soon to be rolled out across EU. Essentially it improves search results and relevance for example it can • Recognize candidate’s breadth and depth of experience • Identify job hoppers from long-tenured employees • Distinguish “must have” vs. “nice to have” skills • Assess context of experience (i.e. 3 months vs. 10 yrs) • Score a candidate based on recent vs. outdated skills • Automatically identify related skills • Understand the latest industry acronyms If you like assisting the chances of opportunity meeting talent. This is live on the site from a job seeker perspective too you can see this by using the three box search job title skills and location. If you want to you can have a play with the CV database too here and there is some instructional help there also. When you think about what we are trying to do is make searching for a job or searching for an employee easier, no Boolean strings increasing relevance in results.
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Mar 3, 2011
Hi I mean't to respond to this sooner but alas time has got the better of me. A very good piece which I wholeheartedly agree with in most parts, apart from you tar jobboards with the same brush. At monster we already have the features you describe with more coming soon. The Amazon principal you mention is live on the site and has been for some time see screen shot here it works post application to a job sharing jobs which other candidates have also applied to in relation to the original job posting. " the Wisdom of crowds" Shortly to release across our european business is a feature which brings together different relevant content sources across the site in a contextual manner you can see this live on our US site now Really enjoy your blog thanks for your comments David Henry
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Mar 3, 2011