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What a great way to spend the day. My wife and I have shared brewing batches in the past but with two small kids now it doesn't work quite so smoothly. As long as we're talking beer I want to return your favor of recommending the "Craft of Stone Brewing" book by recommending "The Brewer's Apprentice" by Greg Koch and Matt Allyn. It has some really interesting interviews with some of the most creative and influential people in today's brewing world.
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Typically the banana flavor will come from high fermentation temps. Because of that I've made some "banana bombs" when all I wanted was an IPA. Eighty is way up there for fermentation temperature so, if you're looking to get that lowered, maybe a water bath for the fermenter would help. ETA: if you're looking for more clover to go with the banana, that is...
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Mmm... Arrogant Bastard... So, did you go with any of the kit options, like double pitching or the alcohol booster? I've got a "crimson and clover" ready to bottle right now. It's 50% red ale and 50% clover honey.
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Congratulations on your first all-grain, Wil! Your writing captured perfectly the emotions you can feel while brewing. When you hit your starting gravity you make the beer gods smile. As I write this I'm cooking three gallons of dunkel on the stove in honor of the arrival of my newborn son. It's cold enough here in Seattle now so I can take another stab at lagering. Thanks again for the tip on the Stone Brewing book. I finished it last week.
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Mmmm.... Stone Pale... Aside from the recipes, how is the rest of the "Craft of Stone Brewing" book?
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What a wonderful picture! Did you get a chance to visit Maui Brewing? They have a tasty coconut porter.
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Hi, Wil! Something you should consider with your future batches is proper aeration of the wort prior to pitching the yeast. Often one of the reasons fermentation stops is because there isn't enough oxygen available for the yeast at the start. I've found the best way to deal with that is to sterilize a paint stirrer, attach it to a cordless drill, and buzz the heck out of the wort for a couple of minutes before you pitch the yeast. (Brewing plus power tools?! RAWR!!) Then keep the fermenter at a consistent temperature until primary fermentation is complete. I set the fermenter in a laundry tub filled with water. Then I use an aquarium heater and air pump to keep the water temperature steady. It works great. Also, my Dad is 80 and for Father's Day this year I made an Irish stout recipe for him and he brewed it in his kitchen. It was the first time he had ever brewed and we had a blast together. Last week we shared a couple of bottles. ::sniff::
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