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Amy Hordes Erbe
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Aug 27, 2010
I can relate -- I've long been told that the owl's the animal I most resemble. My husband's pet name for me is 'eule' (pronounced OIL-uh), the German word guessed it. Anyhow, having been born in the early '70s, I grew up with very primitive-looking toys and decorative elements that were, in true back-to-nature, post-hippy style, no more than mere outlines of animals. Owls figured prominently, now that I look back on it. I suppose as they are a) a relatively easy shape to replicate on wallpaper or stitched into pillowcases, and b) symbols of wisdom...what parent wouldn't want their kids to benefit from the presence (and maybe the imagined counsel) of a wise animal? Many years later I learned that owls are actually pretty mean-spirited....
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Aug 27, 2010