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Alan, Mark, I'm glad to see your posts to Dating Factory Japan site news release. You have very good views of the Japan idating market. I believe there is still quite strong need for Japanese people to meet someone for dating and still lots of opportunities on idating market especially for marriage and some kind of positions, niches such as learning languages. The one of most popular shopping mole sites in Japan called "rakuten ( " has been trying to make English as official language in their office by the end of 2012. This attempt has been started since Oct 2010. Also generally Japanese people read and write well much better than speaking like me. So this make me believe there will be more chances for international dating sites. Because of "by myriad sites catering to older guys looking for schoolgirls." Mark pointed out, the dating sites regulation act in Japan has been amended more strictly since Feb 1 2009 in force and many of bad sites had to be closed. ( So people now are gathering to major sites serviced by major companies such as match (MSN), Yahoo, Excite (we still have in Japan) and some more major marriage agencies. To meet the act, Dating Factory has completed to add some features for the Japan market and registered at the public safety commission as online dating provider. Also here is interesting a report from the Cabinet Office, Government in Japan published a week ago. 86 % of 20s/30s singles want to get married but 64 % of them do not have boy/girl friends. The Cabinet Office take it serious of the low marriage and birthrates are increasing and it requires assistance/support for marriage by local government units or NPO. I also see there is some kind of chances in the Japan market from their result. This questionnaire research has been done with 10,000 singles and married within 3 years 20s/30s people on the internet from Sep 27 to Oct 18, 2010. - 81% of them were singles With in singles, - 36% of singles has boy/girl friends - 38% of singles has no boy/girl friends - 26% of singles has never had boy/girlfriends Within 61% of singles who has no boy/girl friends (38% + 26% above), - 68% of them want have boy/girl friends now - 32% of singles do not want boy/girl friends Reason (multiple answers) - I want to spend more time for their hobby or own interests (56%) - It's too much of a bother by having a relation with boy/girl friends Reason for why do not get married - I haven't met right person yet. (56%) - Because of financial issue after marriage - I do not want lose freedom by marriage Reason for why want to get married - I want to spend more time with person they like (61%) - I want to have family - I want to have children - 43% of women / 16 % of men want to be stable in financially by marriage. - 38% of men don't know how they can start to go out with women - 32% of men don't know how they can proceed a relation with women.
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May 15, 2011