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Scott Howell
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Justin, same thing happened to me.
@Josh: Some devices have a new "Just for Kids" interface that prevents them from seeing junk. Well, sort of. It's easy to switch back. Maybe they can put a password protect feature in some day.
Agree, with snowmaiden. This has come full circle. They did this several years ago, or whenever Instant Watch first came into existence.
Checked my queue and it looks like the Miramax titles are gone already too. Man, that sure was short lived. What, they could only make a deal to have them for like a month? Lame.
The Netflix trick actually didn't work for everyone. It worked just like you said for me for about the first couple of weeks. Then one day I woke up, and the trick no longer worked. I heard that happened to some other people too.
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May 22, 2010