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Dave Howlett Rhb
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A timely blog. Whenever I receive a generic invite (I get about 5 customized and 10 generic invites a week) I always respond back with "Thanks for the invite! How do we know each other please? Is this through Real Human Being Inc?" About 50%of the folks respond, about 50% do not. I let the ones who do not...expire in my inbox. I don't get angry or upset (RHBs would call that 2nd gear behavior) because many new users honestly don't "know the ropes." But it is important to me that I know my relationship with my connections so I can provide value to anyone who would like an introduction. Otherwise...(unless you are a recruiter) what's the use of collecting electronic business cards?
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Oct 26, 2010
My concern about Ford is the same concern I have for many politician who tap the well of dissatisfaction. I haven't seen any sustainable ideas, just angry outbursts. He may turn out to be a good mayor however anger without substance wears thin quickly. Heather, you make a great observation about Calgary versus Toronto; it has turned city-stereotyping on its head. If you have a horrible bias against academics, remember it's less about education than about character. May I quote from "The Social Network?" "You will probably think no girl will ever like you because you're a nerd. I just want to tell you that's not true. No girl will ever like you because you're an asshole."
21. Operate in 3rd gear [intrinsic reward], not in 1st gear [narrow self-interest] mode e.g. Facebook status in 1st gear We are really pleased that we could help our hundreds of clients this week by providing them with amazing solutions and prompt delivery. e.g. Facebook status in 3rd gear What bothers you the most when dealing with companies like ours? If we could do one thing better, what would it be?
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Aug 17, 2010