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The city has skimped on the shelter for years. DAS had addressed stray dogs from that house, 11 citation and multiple dogs seized. I would like to know that else they could have done with their limited staff. And the City Manager wants to cut their funding even more. I wonder if the someone's solution is to hire sharp shooters to just shoot strays, that would be cheaper until someone is injured or killed or a pet that is accidentally out is killed. It will take time to solve this problem. It may take more laws, but if you won't follow the leash law, why would a law not allowing you to own a dog get in your way?
I would not be surprised to see a lot of bites reported from lab crosses. I have a lab cross, dad was a lab, mom was likely either 25 or 50% chow. He is mouthy like a lab, but lacks the soft mouth that they have. He would 'bite' in play, not in anger. A child would not understand the difference. He is a sweet and loving dog, just a bad genetic mix. It took some time, but he has learned to be more careful with his use of his mouth.
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Nov 3, 2010