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Jennifer Howze
Jennifer Howze is a co-founder of CyberMummy and a partner in British Mummy Bloggers
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No no no. These look too sinfully delicious to shar ewith my friends.
What a relief to get the reveal on the last frame. ;-)
Check you! So, do you get together with Martha, Arianna, et al for coffee every week? ;-)
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2011 on This made my day! at A Modern Mother
I was really surprised at the picture of an athlete's life that they painted. Because they perform at such a high level, you forget that they're fitting it in among all the regular life responsibilities.
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2011 on BritMums meet Olympic stars at The BritMums Blog
This sounds suspiciously like a change made for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with health and safety. I don't know the details but you can imagine it's more to do with the contracts of the baggage handlers and this little hassle thing that the company no longer wants to worry with. However, this decision is totally mental. You have to walk so far in airports these days, they have fewer staff and buggy on hand for people who can't walk these distances (some are 15 to 30 minutes). I doubt if the airport has considered the knock-on effect as well. If you're trying to wrangle kids or have a sleeping baby or toddler that you have hold while pulling a carry-on, you're not going to stop at one of the shops to buy duty free or browse the snacks and magazines. Airlines are spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to appeal to parents. First step: stop allowing these bonehead moves.
Sharon, I agree that all sports carry a risk of injury. You hit the nail on the head with the comment about the right environment - one that connotes respect, confidence, sportsmanship and safety.
I agree with you, CJ. I used to think uniforms were unnecessary, but now that I have a child at primary school, I love them and wouldn't send her to a school without them.
So you CAN survive the Smurf movie with your sanity, if not your sobriety, intact? Who knew? Love your tips about SATC2. That movie was so awful it couldn't even be enjoyed on the "bad movie" scale.
3K is a LOT! It was a bit daunting when we arrived but everyone was so eager to talk and meet other people. A great, if exhausting, weekend!
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2011 on My 48 hours at #BlogHer11! at A Modern Mother
@PippaD - hear, hear. Karin, are you sure this was the Telegraph and not the Daily Mail?
Ha ha. I know what you mean, re: not getting any good pics. I don't like to show my kids' identities on my blog either so if I shoot "for the blog" they are no good for granny.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Does blogging cramp your style? at The BritMums Blog
Potty, I agree - I like the perspective that blogging gives me. I also like that something will happen or I'll read something and my immediate thought is "I'd like to know what other bloggers think about this."
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Does blogging cramp your style? at The BritMums Blog
I love to think what occurrences you're contriving to manufacture...
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Does blogging cramp your style? at The BritMums Blog
My daughter is having a full-on sleepover: BOTH NIGHTS at one of her best friend's house. I expect she'll be overtired and completely depleted when we pick her up on Sunday morning...
@v - Thanks for the tip re: Jamie Bamber. Now on our radar. @Andy - Think you'll have to put together your hot mamas list yourself. Not sure we can be objective!
@BelgraviaWife -Hugh Bonneville IS a dad and quite attractive. As for De Niro - he doesn't qualify. UK dads only!
@Karon - We dunno. Colin Firth is now a national treasure and practically royalty. That draws a line for us...
I've given up even putting my hand up for baking. I'll do that next decade...
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2011 on The working mum guilt tax at A Modern Mother
Am excited to see you and hear what you've been up. Every time I turn around you're writing a new book, blogging here there and everywhere. The big question: what's going to happen when we all have drinx together this time?
I just think SJP is a bit brittle for the part. Also, too too perfect. Was Kate Reddy really this slender and toned? I thought she didn't have time to workout...
@Muddling - This is the crux of the issue. The government issues warnings based on wanting to "send a message" rather than scientific evidence, which isn't the thing you want your leaders to do. Women should be talked to straight about the real risks during pregnancy from all kinds of things and those who have trouble curtailing habits that can truly adversely affect their health or that of the baby's. Just think if we spent our tax dollars actually ADDRESSING health issues rather than simply appearing to address them.
I agree - creepy. It's the changing it without telling you. You always find out about these things through news outlets, not from visiting your FB page.
Fascinating! I wonder if Frederic Montagnon, the founder of a blogging platform in France who's speaking at CyberMummy, will say something about this!