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One other thing, getting that pick gave us the flexibilty to send our 4th rounder to Dallas to get a starting LB and most likely starting TE (and former 2nd rounder). A third string RB who doesn't play SP for a starting LB and TE. Sounds like savy management to me.
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Armando, I liked Booker as well but two things to consider. One of the main reasons he took 12 games to get activated to the roster was his struggles with pass blocking. He still struggled on any play that required him to stay in and block. Teams seeing him in there could bring the blitz and know they have a good chance to get past him and to our young QB. Second, Dave Meggett was also an outstanding special teams player so it made sense to keep an extra RB because of the contributions on SP. They tried Booker on SP last year and he struggled. Considering the smash mouth football we are building the team to be (recent comments from your previous blog) Booker did not make sense to keep and getting a 4th rounder was a good pick up. As much as we like him we are limited on roster spots, would you rather keep a guy who won't start, rarely plays on third and doesn't play on SP over a potential 3rd or 4th WR like D. Bess or J. Foster who can also return kicks? Curious on your feedback.
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