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James, I couldn't agree with you more! If I wouldn't put my child in a car that hadn't been engineered by a professional who can make sure it's safe on the road, then why praytell would I ever dream of putting my child in a classroom where her educational wellbeing was any less important. And look at how much automotive engineers make? Same education (if not less) than teachers are required to have. Same ability to cause great harm or incredible good. The same argument is frequently made to justify doctors' salaries. Why not pay teachers what they are worth to our society? My theory is that we as a society have lowered our standards such that only what we pay for is what we choose to value. The fact that public education is free and available to all children should not devalue its significance. And yes, we DO pay for taxpayers...and I'll gladly keep paying for it. I'd pay MORE if I knew that they could keep paying teachers well enough to ensure that the smartest and best of our population would aspire to become teachers. As it currently is, you'd have to be independently wealthy or highly altruistic to want to be a teacher...the pay isn't worth it, in my opinion. They are not paid well (with or without benefits/retirement) when compared to other professions requiring the same amount of degrees and continuing education. And cutting art.... cutting gym.... music...foreign language...??? THAT MEANS CUTTING TEACHERS!!!!! So don't tell me that they're cutting programs instead of teachers...that's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard of.
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Mar 10, 2011