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Jay Hargis: HRCleanUp
Director of Learning and Development at Tufts Medical Center
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Mar 15, 2010
You are so welcome. Surgery is amazing.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2010 on Networking or I Told You So at HRCleanUp
Tia, stay until something comes along that will challenge you and puts you in a more progressive environment. Now is the time to NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Get out there and meet lots of people who do interesting things at interesting companies. You and your next opportunity will eventually find each other.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2009 on Time to Dumb it Down? at HRCleanUp
Hi Urbie...actually, they were pretty low key about it. In fact, I think that they kept their opinions to themselves. I would have loved to have learned more about their experiences and opinions. But I agree with you--stop whining and get busy so you can be competitive.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2009 on The World is Flat & Summer Session I at HRCleanUp
As a professor of Human Resources, I teach a course called Virtual HR (of course it meets live in the classroom but that is another story). The course is designed to give HR professionals the tools that they need to help managers start thinking about actually managing remote workers. It is a stretch for any old-school command and control manager. What is interesting is that about 1/3 of the class really embraces the idea and they are ready to go. The other 2/3 can’t really imagine what it would be like to go virtual. I am continually impressed with Best Buy who recently “blew up” their corporate structure and started measuring work output vs. time in the office. They eliminated having to “be in the office” and created a virtual work world for their corporate employees. I wonder if they might have use for Second Life as a virtual meeting space? Anyway, just know that while you are off meeting in Second Life, you’re going to have some challenges getting the rest of the world to join you. My blog is
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2007 on The future of work, crayon style at Greg Verdino
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John, Great seminar yesterday. I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I was a bit further ahead in social networking than I realized : ) I put a nice little diddy in my blog about the event.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2007 on Into Boston Today at PR Communications
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